Rome: Sephora and Kiko Haul

Since I didn’t have my blog back in July- when I bought these fabulous products in Italy- I didn’t do a post about it, so I guess there’s no better time than now!

I spent a few euros in Sephora, and I didn’t regret it, as I’m still using the products now:

NARS Laguna Bronzer: I wanted this bronzer for so long! There’s been so much hype surrounding it and I just gave in to it. It’s brilliant, it doesn’t give you that ‘muddy’ look and it’s slightly matt so it’s great to use all year round.

Sephora Pearl Fibre Mask: I’ve heard good things about these fibre masks, and I really wanted to give it a go. I chose the pearl one as it promised to brighten & perfect. You might look a bit mad when you’ve got it on (ask Dino!) but it makes your skin feel lovely and fresh. (I did pick up a few more when I was in Sephora in Toronto. They’re brilliant for a pamper evening and to give your skin a bit of a pick me up!).

Invisi Bobble: This was a last minute impulse buy at the checkout, as they have a stand with sample size products and beauty accessories. I thought they would be good as at work I need to have my hair up, and I hate taking it down to find that awful kink where your bobble was. These bobbles are super gentle on your hair, they are yes- invisible! because of their shape they blend into your hair so its great when you put your hair into a bun, and they don’t leave kinks!

Sephora Blush in ‘Rose Pop’: This was another impulse buy! I’m pretty sure it was only around €2 in the discount section. It’s highly pigmented so you only need a touch to brighten up your cheeks.

Sephora Double Duty Exfoliator and Mask: This was a mini size of the product, so I thought I’d give it a go. I have very sensitive skin and I have learned to accept that some products don’t agree with me. This product was OK. It exfoliated however I felt that it did dry out my skin a little bit.

Sephora Colourful Pouch in Pink: I needed a new small makeup bag to stick in my handbag, and this seemed ideal.

 I know that Kiko have a few outlets in the UK (including one at Glasgow Fort) but I tend not to visit there very often, but I really should! The products are such good quality for a not so big price tag: 

Kiko Luscious Cream lipstick in ‘Peach Rose’: This lipstick is also highly pigmented, and super creamy. It didn’t dry out my lips, and it gave a nice satin finish. I definitely would like to pick up some other shades to try out.

Kiko GLOW² Blush & Highlighter: This is a small solid blush and highlighter stick split into two halves. It is very creamy and blends really well either over foundation or just onto skin. I used it quite a lot when I was still in Rome as I wanted a glowy look for Summer. However you can tell I favour the highlighter side a bit more!

Kiko Essential Bronzer in ‘Sienna Melange’: I picked this up at the checkout as it was on special offer at the time. I really like the packaging, it comes in a wooden base with a magnetic wooden lid that has a mirror fitted on the inside. You get quite a lot of product, and it smells like a mix of chocolate & vanilla. I quite like using this for an all over bronzer as it gives an even tone and feels very silky.  Signature



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