3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes

Hello everyone! 

I can’t think of anything better than having a lie in on a Sunday morning and then having a freshly cooked breakfast! I love pancakes, but lately Ive been trying to be a little bit healthier, so I’ve been making Banana Pancakes instead.

What makes these even better is that they only have 3 ingredients, and they are sooo simple to make.

All you need is :

1 medium banana

2 eggs

A bowl 


Butter or a bit of oil for the pan

Frying pan 

First you need to cut up the banana into a bowl then mash is up with a fork. Then add the eggs and mix until the mixture is creamy.

Heat up the pan and oil.

I used this cute little measuring cup to place the mix onto the pan, as it is very runny so it makes it a bit less messy!


I started off with quite small pancakes to see how they would turn out first, then once you get the hand of how to make them you can try and make them a bit bigger.

Be careful when you’re flipping the pancakes over as since the mix was runny they’re a bit fragile, so make sure they’re golden brown on the other side first.


You can add any toppings you want to them, I added a sprinkling of cinnamon, a drizzle of maple syrup (well maybe I was a little bit generous with the syrup…!), and some raspberries.


Let me know if you try them out and how you got on! X



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